The Painted Dragonfly is located in a former two-story house built in 1932 in Historic Nolensville. Owners, Lorna and Susan first started The Painted Dragonfly in 2013, when they came to a point in their professional lives when they needed a change. Lorna and Susan were professional decorative artists who applied their talents to painting furniture, cabinets and homes. But the physical demands of their trade drove them to their Dragonfly moment, the point in one’s life where they sought meaningful change. The shop satisfies their craving for creativity as they pair their love for Vintage and Antique furniture with new gifts and home decor, locally handmade goods, tableware, clothing, jewelry and furniture paints.

The Owners

Lorna Soble

Susan J. Bickford

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The Painted Dragonfly

7311 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, Tennessee 37135

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